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Mt Sabyinyo Hike

After taking a canoe off Itambira island, and catching a special hire from the “taxi park” (such as it was) in Kabale, Kristen and I headed off along the very twisty, but extremely beautiful road to Kisoro. We arrived late … Continue reading

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Christmas on Lake Bunyonyi

I’m writing this from the main lodge at Byoona Amaraga, a lovely spot on Itambira Island, in southwestern Uganda. We travelled here by bus from Kabale yesterday morning. What was supposed to be a six-hour journey ended up being more … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

I’m definitely eagerly anticipating our arrival at Lake Bunyonyi. If all goes according to plan, we should get across to the island around dinner tomorrow – assuming our bus trip from Kampala to Kabale, the boda ride we’ll take to … Continue reading

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So This Is Christmas…?

After a busy week at the centre, spent running the teen girls group and helping with the other projects and activities taking place there over the past few days, Kristen and I headed to Entebbe on Saturday to relax. We … Continue reading

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Rafting in Jinja

This past weekend, while Kristen stayed in Kasana to get ahead on some projects, I headed to Red Chilli Hideaway in Kampala, a hostel that is linked in with Nile River Explorers, the company that I was going rafting with. … Continue reading

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Communication Workshop and World AIDS Day

Since my return from Jinja this past weekend, we haven’t had any more problems with grasshoppers. Instead, we just haven’t had power for three days.  In the past, power outages were usually intermittent, so although we would go for long … Continue reading

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Distractions and Dancing Video

Sometimes I swear things around here are conspiring against me to ensure I can’t post in a timely manner. Take last night, for instance, when I finally sat down to write about the communication workshop we ran last week with … Continue reading

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This past weekend, nearly two months after I first arrived in Uganda, I finally made my first trip to Jinja. Kristen couldn’t believe that I’d been here so long without visiting the adventure capital of the country. To rectify the … Continue reading

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