And So It Begins…

In just over twelve hours, I’ll be boarding a plane that will (eventually) take me to Uganda.  Hard to believe that a little over three weeks ago I hadn’t even yet heard whether or not I had a volunteer position there.  Since getting my acceptance letter, it’s been a flurry of packing, travel clinic visits, conversations with people who have been to Uganda, and never-ending to do lists.  After a great few days (including my 24th birthday) in Toronto visiting with Ken and Trish (my aunt and uncle) and lots of friends from high school, I’m taking a bus across the border to the Buffalo airport, then flying to Chicago, Istanbul and finally into Entebbe airport, just outside of Kampala, Uganda.  Thanks to some very generous donations from the Compassionate Resource Warehouse, Angela Spencer and Access Midwifery, I’ve got a full bag of supplies for the Shanti Uganda Maternity Centre that just opened a week before my arrival.  I’m also taking what feels like a backpack full of electronics (laptop, ipods, camera, cords…) so I hope to be able to keep everyone updated on what I’m doing while volunteering and travelling around Uganda.